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Bluebits redefines the smart locker industry by providing a one-stop shop for all with state-of-the-art technology and services.

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Why Bluebox

Forward Thinking Technology

Bluebits is a Canadian company, we take pride in all research and development (R&D) for our products and services. Our in-house team assembles, installs, services, and supports hundreds of locations across Canada.

The Bluebits development team sets us apart from others in the industry as our major focus is on user experience and usability. We are committed to ensuring our clients and users get the most out of our technology through accessibility, affordability, and accountability.


Our information is stored securely on the Amazon Web server in the USA. All data is encrypted and is compliant with all privacy laws in the USA and ISO 27001 standards.

In-House Team

Hardware design and software are fully developed in-house in North America. Further enhancing our ability to deliver prompt and efficient solutions, exceeding customer expectations with our innovative products and services.


Whether you require custom hardware with our modular locker design, software development to meet the buildings/businesses' needs, an open API for effortless integration with various platforms.

Who we Serve

Multi-residential buildings including apartments and condominiums.


Schools, Community centres, government buildings, and more.


Office, Shopping centres, food service and retail locations.

BlueBox Year to Date Operational Dashboard

Last updated July 2024.

Same-day Parcel
Pick-up Rate
0 %
After-hours Parcel Pick-up Rate
0 %
Working Hours Parcel Deposit Rates
0 %
Same-day Support Response Rate
0 %
48-hour Problem Resolution Rate
0 %
Average software system upgrade
16 weeks
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