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For Commercial Operations

BlueBox revolutionizes commercial operations with physical and technological innovations. Our smart lockers offer endless possibilities, serving as an integral component for streamlined pick-up solutions like BOPIS, efficient temporal storage, and more.

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BlueBox can be utilized in numerous settings like retail locations, office spaces, food services, grocery stores, shopping centers, and more.

Improve your current operational performance.

BlueBox brings a game-changing advantage to diverse commercial settings, revolutionizing efficiency and functionality across a wide spectrum of applications.

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The ideal commercial solution to upgrade your processes


BlueBox smart lockers are customizable based on your community's needs. Customize the colour, size, and layout. We can also integrate with our open API.


Safety is our top priority, Your belongings, data, and facilities will be protected with our all-in-one smart locker solution, reducing the risk of theft.

Lead Time

BlueBox provides a low pricing hurdle. Our customers agree we offer the most affordable solution. Have BlueBox installed within 7 days of a signed agreement.


BlueBox brings real-time automated contactless and 24/7 locker access.

A message from our clients

Hear what our clients are saying about our BlueBox Smart Locker System.

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Highly Recommend!!!

"I came up with an idea to create a swap box to connect local businesses with the community. I connected with the BlueBox team who suggested a smart locker solution; they brought my idea to life! The BlueBox team worked hard to develop an innovative solution for my business needs that continues to thrive and make a difference."

Jake O

Business Owner, Yellow knife

Flexible Software & Hardware Options

System Integration

All BlueBox APIs are customizable and ready for integration with any existing systems, even condo management systems already in place.

Locker Options

We have a variety of our standard locker configurations ready to be installed. You can customize the locker appearance with a variety of colours or layouts upon request.