Our mission

BlueBox is the Future of Green Technology

BlueBox Smart Lockers can help

Bluebits Technologies aims to improve the environment by focusing on the inefficiencies of ‘last mile delivery’. We strive to popularize and create a smart locker network across the United States. The demand for smart lockers is rising due to the soaring trends of online shopping resulting in an increase in parcel volumes.

Green Technology

BlueBox smart locker is turning E-commerce to green commerce.

Delivery man
BlueBox locker in residential area

Parcel delivery vehicles account for a large portion of carbon emissions in the United States, which is known as last-mile delivery inefficiency.

The problem of last-mile delivery has demanded new technologies to tackle the deficiencies, like BlueBox smart lockers.

BlueBox is a Member of Urban Freight Lab, University of Washington's Organization

Bluebits Technologies is participating in the Urban Freight Lab, a group that explores sustainability and urban freight and has published research on parcel lockers and their potential to reduce the carbon emissions of package delivery.