Our mission

BlueBox is the Future of Green Technology

BlueBox Smart Lockers can help

Bluebits Technologies aims to improve the environment by optimizing ‘last mile delivery’. We’re creating a smart locker network across North America to meet the rising demand fueled by online shopping trends.

Green Technology

BlueBox smart locker is turning E-commerce to green commerce.

Parcel delivery vehicles account for a large portion of carbon emissions in Canada, which is known as last-mile delivery inefficiency. 

The problem of last-mile delivery has demanded new technologies to tackle the deficiencies, like BlueBox smart lockers.

Delivery man

BlueBox is a Member of Urban Freight Lab, University of Washington's Organization

Bluebits Technologies is participating in the Urban Freight Lab, a group that explores sustainability and urban freight and has published research on parcel lockers and their potential to reduce the carbon emissions of package delivery.