BlueBox Brings IoT Technology to Your Campus

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School Campus

BlueBox Delivers IoT Technology on Campus

As a student living on a school campus, receiving a parcel can be complicated due to many potential problems. BlueBox Smart Parcel Solution aims to simplify the parcel reception on school campuses by integrating IoT technology onto campus.

IoT on School Campus

IoT, short for the Internet of Things, is the definition of the global connection of data on the internet. The collection of data on the internet gives life to devices, such as smart lockers. IoT essentially puts the smart in smart technology by enabling data collection, analysis, and control or communication of information. IoT technology engages students more than ever, with technology being ever so prominent in our daily lives.

BlueBox on School Campus

Smart Lockers provide students the convenience and peace of mind when receiving parcels. Gone are the days when packages are left with the building manager or on the floor, making them vulnerable to theft. Students can now collect their parcels from BlueBox, with a touch of a button or a unique code sent to their phone. Incorporating IoT technologies such as BlueBox onto campus improves security as BlueBox deters criminal activity. The school environment will improve when illegal activity such as theft is mitigated.

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