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BlueBox locker screen with ads

Advertise with BlueBox

When we say that BlueBox is an all-in-one solution, we mean it. BlueBox addresses the parcel management workflow of all buildings, but that does not encompass everything BlueBox has to offer. Our smart locker solution has many additional features that benefit residents in many areas, such as our BlueBox Advertisement Program, designed to connect BlueBox users with businesses. Our smart locker is a dynamic solution with many additional features.

Location Grouping

BlueBox operates in various locations throughout British Columbia, with more locations coming soon. We group our BlueBox locations into Location Groups and recommend each group based on your business advertising needs. Please speak with us to learn more about our location grouping and its value propositions.

Display Types

BlueBox offers two types of advertising:

  1. On-Screen Rotation Advertising
  2. Banner Advertising on-screen and Mobile App

Our on-screen rotation advertising features your advertisement on our 1080px X 1920px screen for a specific duration. Added with our BlueBox Advertisement Location Groups, your advertisement will be seen countless times by your target audience.

Your business can also benefit from our banner advertisements, where our BlueBox users will see your advertisement at the end of every parcel pick-up. Your banner advertisement will show either on the locker screen or our BlueBox app, depending on the user’s choice.

With our flexible advertising options, your business will benefit greatly from advertising with BlueBox.

BlueBox Advertisement Program

Our mission at Bluebits Technologies is to improve the everyday lives of everyone. We create an ecosystem for our users and business partners using state-of-the-art technology to enhance the lives of both sides. BlueBox offers businesses the opportunity to advertise to BlueBox users via our BlueBox master unit screen to the audience of their choice. Our BlueBox advertisement placement program provides insights based on our data to where your advertisements will yield the best results. We will work with your business every step of the way. Join the BlueBox ecosystem to enrich your own life and the lives around you.

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