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BlueBox at Metrotown Food Court

Shoppers at Metrotown Mall can now use BlueBox

Bluebox is known for keeping parcels safe for individuals in commercial and residential buildings across Canada. But recently, many opportunities have arisen where BlueBox was requested to be configured for general storage. One key example is malls. Our team realized there is an opportunity to provide a convenient, storage solution for shoppers. Our goal is to have as many shoppers interact and use the locker as much as possible. 

Due to BlueBox’s HQ being in Burnaby, Metrotown mall was a top priority. The mall was already trying to find a storage solution to replace its current traditional locker situation. Currently, the city requires malls to have a secure area to store belongings for shoppers. 

Metrotown proposed two locations to install BlueBox. The first is near the Kernels Popcorn in the parkade entrance, and the second is beside Superstore near the Kingsway entrance. 

To bring this project to life, the BlueBox in-house development team needed to streamline the current carrier workflow to suit the needs of shoppers. Now individuals are required to just input a phone number of their choosing, and the appropriate size for their items. Once deposited, individuals will receive an SMS with a 9-digit access code to retrieve their items at their earliest convenience. 

Currently, we’ve seen great usage, with individuals wanting to deposit their items for temporary storage while they enjoy their Metrotown shopping experience. We’ve also received feedback from travelers being grateful for a secure location to temporarily store their luggage.

We hope that other local malls are incentivized to install BlueBox as an amenity for their shoppers to enjoy. 

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