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BlueBox’s First Winnipeg Installation

Bluebits’ distributor in Winnipeg L.T Building was able to educate a local building about our smart locker solution. This created a unique opportunity for this Winnipeg building to install our system in just 22 days after L.T Building became a Bluebox regional distributor.

This building installed one master unit, and a six-door add-on unit, to accommodate a full range of parcel sizes. The board mentioned that they enjoyed being able to test out the intuitive workflow themselves. Due to an upstanding first impression of our system, this building is providing positive word of mouth, and encouraging other locations to find a smart locker solution like BlueBox.

Many Winnipeg buildings do not have the budget for a smart locker solution. Meaning that our pricing model was able to accommodate to this building’s budget needs, with our leasing option. Other than our pricing flexibility, the BlueBox business model offers other differentiators such as quick lead time and local customer support.
This is a great example of one of the successes of one of our distributors. If you are an independent contractor, who is interested in joining the BlueBox team, you can have the same  opportunity as L.T Building who used their experience and expertise to introduce BlueBox to their trusted community and network.

Interested in becoming a BlueBox distributor? Please visit this page.

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