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Bluebits Technologies Inc. receives ISO27001 certification

We’re delighted to announce that Bluebits Technologies is ISO27001 certified. Achieving this standard serves as third-party validation of Bluebits Technologies’ commitment to providing enterprise-level security and protecting customer data from potential breaches.

We’ve always believed that we’re the custodians of trust when it comes to our customer’s data. We are making every investment to establish and maintain the highest level of security and compliance. Achieving ISO27001 showcases our ongoing commitment to privacy and security and reinforces our rigorous policies and procedures to safeguard customer data.

Bluebits Technologies partnered with Sprinto, a compliance software for cloud-hosted companies. They seamlessly integrated with our existing tools to ensure we leave no loose threads when it comes to security and privacy. 

With ambitious goals for the year ahead, we are now very well-positioned to work with enterprises and large corporates that require ISO compliance.

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