Our Advantages

A Local, Accountable, And Adoptive Solution

BlueBox redefines convenience and reliability for your community while adeptly catering to the diverse needs of our clients. Bluebits has a unique in-house development and support team to assist with all your needs, making us your go-to locker provider and a leading player in the industry.

smart & easy

Simple Process, Intuitive Interface

Our UI is designed for intuitive use and is rigorously tested for seamless experiences. User experience is a paramount concern for BlueBox due to its pivotal role in shaping customer satisfaction and loyalty. A positive user experience enhances our brand’s reputation, fosters customer trust, and increases engagement.


Recognizing urgent customer needs, we’re expanding across the USA. Our reps offer in-person consultations for accurate understanding, while our team provides on-site help. We install lockers within 14 days of a signed agreement, exceeding expectations. BlueBox is fully usable on installation day, highlighting our commitment to efficiency.


Locker design

With a wide range of sizes, functions, and colours, we offer customization options to cater to diverse needs – from space constraints to aesthetic preferences and more. Our goal is to seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics, allowing customers to select the ideal solution for their unique circumstances.

Free Cancellation

Our commitment to you includes the flexibility to terminate your contract at any juncture. Upon receiving your notice, our team will swiftly remove the lockers as quickly as three business days, without imposing any immediate costs on your end. Your peace of mind is our priority.


Data protection

We prioritize your privacy by refraining from collecting sensitive personal data, including your name. Additionally, all parcel-related information is encrypted and stored securely within the United States, known exclusively to you and your property manager.

Workflow Customization

The versatility of our BlueBox locker system shines through its adaptability across diverse scenarios. Our commitment to flexibility demonstrates our dedication to delivering innovative and precise solutions that cater to the distinct needs of clients spanning a variety of sectors.


Unique Pricing Model

Our affordable monthly service fee model amounts to less than $2 USD per suite per month. This innovative framework redefines convenience and accessibility, making our services remarkably budget-friendly.

Price Match Guaranteed

With our price match guarantee, you can have complete confidence that you’re securing the ultimate value for your investment. If you come across a better offer elsewhere, we’re committed to matching that price, ensuring that you not only benefit from our top-notch products and services but know you’re getting the most competitive deal available.

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No hidden charges

Disclaimer: Free installation is only available within the New York metropolitan area;
$ 100 monthly service fee minimum.

Free quote and on-site measurement

Our team’s focus is to find the optimal solution for our clients. We will arrange an on-site visit within the New York metropolitan area to discuss a potential smart locker solution. We will provide a proposal with all pricing options. Contact us below with questions or requests for more information. 

BlueBox Locker in residential area