Our Advantages

A local, affordable, and adoptive solution

We are a tech company focused on providing on-site services, local customer support, no upfront costs or hidden fees, and a customizable system to fit your specific needs.

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96.4% of customers agreed we offer the most affordable smart locker solution.

Quick Installation

BlueBox can be installed less than 7 days of a signed agreement. 

Ready to Use

95.6% ~ Of newly installed BlueBox’s are utilized on the same day of installation.

Recurring Users

100% of couriers, building staff, and residents use BlueBox on a regular basis.

Free quote and on-site measurement

BlueBox provides a unique parcel reception service to underserved markets such as older apartments, small businesses, school campuses, and community centers. 

BlueBox Locker in residential area
Low Price Guarantee

No Hidden Charges

Canada Post Lockers

  • Free installation, wait time can up to a few months
  • Canada Post packages only
  • Traditional robust lockers, no Internet connection
  • Free locker units, no purchase required
  • No additional service
  • No Customer Support

BlueBox Smart Parcel Lockers

  • Free installation, less than 7 days after signed contract
  • Accept All Carriers
  • Support WIFI, Wired and Cellular connection for internet
  • Leasing/Purchase model, locker purchase is not mandatory
  • Flexible monthly service fee
  • In-house Customer Support

Other Smart Parcel Lockers

  • Charged installation, wait time can be more than a year
  • Accept All Carriers
  • Support wired cable internet connection only
  • Min. $8,000 locker unit purchase required, locker purchase is mandatory
  • Fixed monthly charges
  • Third-Party Customer Support

Disclaimer: Free installation is available within lower mainland BC & GTA only;
$ 100 monthly service fee minimum.