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Bluebits Technology Toronto office building

Bluebits Technologies is now in Toronto!

Our mission at Bluebits Technologies is to improve the daily lives of all Bluebits users globally. We are excited to announce that we are officially expanding our services to Toronto, with our Toronto office in North York.

As our company grows, our capacity for expansion increases immensely. We understand our product and how it can enhance the lives of our community. This expansion will optimize parcel delivery to buildings within Toronto by providing unparalleled local service, fast installation, and an innovative and inclusive business model. Our Toronto expansion will also give us access to a large pool of development talent that we will use to support the growth of Bluebits Technologies.

Bluebits Technologies is expanding to other locations within Canada, with Toronto being a significant location in our pipeline. We are excited to bring state-of-the-art technology to the east coast!

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