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BlueBox at the FirstService Residential Trade Show

BlueBox at the FirstService Residential B.C Vendor Trade Show

The BlueBox team was super grateful to be able to speak with council members directly, and hear their honest thoughts, and opinions on this innovation that is being widely adopted in across Canada. Overall, the response was very positive. 

Bluebits had the opportunity to bring a master locker unit for attendees to demo. Our team walked guests through the entire BlueBox workflow from start to finish; depositing and collecting in real time. This was especially useful for council members who have been quoted prior to the event, but could not visualize the user experience. With this new knowledge, many mentioned they can return to their next council meeting to explain in their own words the key benefits of having BlueBox potentially implemented into their building.

As an exciting bonus, Bluebits branded prizes (such as automatic soap dispensers, massage guns, and mugs) were randomly pre-loaded in the locker before the start of the event. Guests were able to familiarize themselves with the BlueBox app, retrieve their surprise gift, and experience the remote unlock feature simultaneously. 

While prizes naturally attract crowds, our team was also able to connect with other vendors and share personal experiences within the local building market. In most cases, they too requested a demonstration of Bluebox. 

As the night progressed, it was truly fulfilling to hear residents express their excitement when recognizing BlueBox from previous experiences. With the BlueBox network growing, our team has slowly noticed a decrease in needing to educate the general public on the topic of smart lockers. We’re hopeful that this solution will be fully adopted by the public in the next few years.

Overall, the BlueBox team thanks FSR for being top of mind for this event. We appreciate all the support and encouragement in our journey to educate the market and hope to attend next year.

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