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BlueBits Office Customer Support

Bluebits Offers Customer Support in Multiple Languages

One of Bluebits’ biggest advantages is that we are the only smart locker company in Canada that offers local customer support. Our team thought of a solution to better the customer experience, and offering multilingual services was an obvious next step.  

The Bluebits customer support team aims to break down the language barrier so all multilingual customers can easily communicate their needs and receive assistance in their native tongue. From our team’s understanding, offering the best customer experience allows Bluebits to differentiate from other Canadian smart locker companies. 

With our second office location in Toronto, it was necessary to expand our customer support team to match the operating hours of the EST timezone. This reduces any frustration and ensures all BlueBox residents can receive the help they need promptly. 

Currently, we provide support in English, French, Japanese, Mandarin, and Cantonese. 

Our team has received positive feedback from residents about this upgrade in our services. As Bluebits continues to grow, we hope to further accommodate other native languages and provide support for residents using Bluebox. 

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